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Monday, September 12, 2005 

A Brilliant Idea

Well, Karen & I were talking (which we do AT LEAST once a day), and we got talking about recipes. And blogging. Both are interests of ours. As are our kids, but we have separate blogs for them. See the links to the right.
Karen told me that she had thought of starting a Blog just for recipes. I told her that I had thought the SAME THING. We also do that AT LEAST once a day.
So, we created a blog we can both post to. Well, I told her I would create it tonight & then email her the details so we can both post to it.
I thought the title was cool. Kind of like Break A Leg.
Enjoy! And email us with cool recipes!

You're recipes are fabulous. I have a quick link to your site on my desktop. Keep up the good work!

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